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Nexans Nordics Distribution & Usage (D&U)

By producing and choosing more conscious products and solutions, we can work together to contribute to electrification projects with less intervention and emissions.




Why choose Nexans?

We have 3 factories in Norway. Langhus is the factory that produces cables for the installation and distribution market.

In Norway, we have a favourable energy mix and good access to low-carbon materials. And with factories and production in Norway and the Nordic region, this means shorter journeys that are easier to switch to emission-free alternatives. This is a good starting point for customers with ambitious climate goals.

Today, >80% of Nexans' cables for the Nordic region (Distribution & Usage) are produced in the Nordic region. The goal is to increase this to >95% by 2025.

Our local presence is a kind of guarantee that fundamental rights are safeguarded: such as the right to organise, fair working conditions and co-determination (if you have any doubts or questions, you are more than welcome to visit us!)

Our presence and presence also makes partnerships around recycling and reuse possible, such as Tromløp where we can take not only drums but also cable scraps in return to our factory at Langhus for reuse.

Finally, we care about our home market and develop products that last a long time - even in sometimes harsh Nordic conditions. If you have a problem, we'll sort it out.

We are convinced that locally produced products have advantages that are worth protecting.

Examples of products and solutions that can contribute to your sustainability targets


EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) and PEPs (Product Environmental Profile) are environmental declarations that communicate the environmental impact of a product based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) for the entire life cycle of the product.

Such documentation is increasingly in demand by our customers and the industry in general, and being able to offer our customers this documentation (Nexans has chosen to use PEPs) is an important priority for us. That's why we are proud to have reached a coverage rate of over 80% of sales in Norway (D&U).

You can read more about PEP and EPD here.


DISCLAIMER: At Nexans, we acknowledge that sustainability and environmental protection can be complex and constantly evolving. We cannot claim to have all the knowledge, but we strive to stay updated, avoid greenwashing, continuously improve, and endeavor to do the right things based on the knowledge available to us today.

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