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Responsible electrification is one of the prerequisites for achieving the UN's global goals. Many of our customers and end users, like Nexans, have set goals to reach Net Zero by 2050. Therefore, CO₂ reduction along the entire value chain and within all scopes is highly prioritised within Nexans.

Increased reuse and use of recycled materials is absolutely necessary to achieve our climate goals, but also to conserve the earth's resources.

At the same time, the focus on nature conservation and biodiversity is growing and this is an area we will focus more on in the future.

We are convinced that documentation and transparency benefits us all in the long run and is a prerequisite for driving development forward and in the right direction.




Reduced CO₂ emissions

We work systematically and purposefully to reduce CO₂ in all phases of the value chain.

*Our global goal is to reach Net Zero 2050 in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative - this includes Scope 1-3 (including the user phase.)

In the Nordic region, our ambition is to cut 50% of all Scope 1, 2 and 3 (excluding the user phase) emissions by 2030.

Already in 2026, we expect our D&U Nordics factories (Scope 1 & 2) to have removed all local emission sources.

--> Read more about what Nexans Norway D&U have done and will do to reduce CO₂ emissions here.

- 100% CO₂

In 2050, Nexans global Scope 1,2 & 3 vs. 2019 according to SBTi

- 50% CO₂

In 2030, in Nexans Usage & Distribution Nordics, Scope 1, 2 & 3 excl. user phase vs. 2019

0 KG CO₂

in 2026, in Langhus Scope 1 & 2

Resource smart production and development

Resource smart production and development

12th April was Norway's "Overshoot Day" for 2023 - the day each year when the world starts borrowing from the resources of future generations. This day is coming earlier every year, and Norway is one of the countries in the world where the day comes the earliest. 

If everyone were to use as much resources as we do in Norway, we would have needed 3,6 clodes. It is easy to see that we, both locally and globally have a significant overconsumption problem and need to reduce the amount of rescources we use.

In Nexans Nordics D&U we use our five R's to raise awareness and contribute to a circular economy and healthier resource management:


--> Read more about circular economy eller conscious product choices her

Nature conservation

Nature conservation

Nature conservation and biodiversity have been on the global and European agenda for a long time. Not least in relation to climate change. With new CSRD requirements from the EU, companies will have to identify where in the value chain there is the greatest risk of negative impact on biodiversity. At Nexans, we are well underway with this work at a global level.


In electrification, copper stands out as one of the biggest challenges in terms of biodiversity, as it uses a lot of energy, water and land. Thanks to a common owner, Nexans has a unique position when it comes tothe  copper value chain and nature conservation.

--> Here you can read more about CopperMark which is an example of a measure to work towards increased awareness in copper production.

But the use of recycled copper is perhaps the most important measure, both from a nature conservation, resource and CO₂ point of view. Read more about how we work with circularity here.

Land use

In January 2024, NRK published a series of articles showing 44,000 interventions in Norwegian nature over five years. This means that this is also an important topic for Norway.

In all three of our Nordic D&U factories, we are working to increase capacity. This is important in order to accelerate the electrification of our society. We do this within existing factory areas, in other words, without increasing our land use.

We would like to work more closely with energy companies and developers to look together at how we can contribute to less land use and encroachment on Norwegian nature. Please contact us if you are working on this.

--> Read more about Nexans Nordics D&U's smart cable solutions, which are an example of how smart solutions can save on both area, moving fill materials and the number of transports, drums and vehicles.


Water consumption

At Nexans Langhus, all process water runs in a closed system. This means we use very little water.

Hazardous substances

Together with our suppliers, we work proactively to make ourselves independent of substances that may have negative effects on ecosystems or health, and follow the applicable guidelines from REACH and RoHS at all times.

We endeavour to list as many products as possible in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's house product portal. We are therefore working to have halogen-free alternatives to PVC cables, and to find substitutes for FEP insulation and halogenated flame retardants.

Documentation and certificates

Documentation and traceability are becoming more important in a world with more uncertainty and demands for CSR reporting.  As far as possible, we adhere to established standards and certificates.

At Nexans Langhus (D&U) We have the following certificates:

- ISO 9001 - Safety
- ISO 45001 - Quality
- ISO 50001 - Energy management
- ISO 14001 - Environment

When it comes to materials, we take a proactive approach and closely monitor REACh, RoHS and conflict minerals.

As of 1 January 2024, we have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for > 80% of our sales in Norway (Nexans Norway D&U). These follow the EN 18045 standard and are verified and published under the PEP Eco Passport database. You can find them under our products and in the EFO database.  Here you can read more about EPDs and PEP.

Data is there to be used, which is why we work closely with EFO to make environmental and product data available in the EFO database via API or similar.

Should you not find what you are looking for:
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DISCLAIMER: At Nexans, we acknowledge that sustainability and environmental protection can be complex and constantly evolving. We cannot claim to have all the knowledge, but we strive to stay updated, avoid greenwashing, continuously improve, and endeavor to do the right things based on the knowledge available to us today.

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