Nexans Nordics Distribution & Usage (D&U)

Our most important resource is our employees. It is the people in Nexans who create customer relationships, drive the business, development and production, and who through their behaviour and actions show who we are.

We work actively to make the everyday lives of our employees safe and stimulating, while contributing to a better society both in our neighbourhood and globally.

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Human rights

Naturally, it is important for us to ensure that human rights continue to be upheld despite our operations. Both locally in Norway and globally. Therefore...

If you want to read how we relate to the Transparency Act, you can read more about it in our Due Diligence Assessment Transparency Act

Inclusion and diversity

Today, we have employees from 24 different countries at our factory at Langhus (Distribution & Usage / D&U), and a prerequisite for success is that we all take our responsibility and create a workplace where everyone has a place and feels welcome and respected. No matter where you come from, what you believe in, who you are or how you define yourself. 

That's why we have: 

  • Started WiN (We in Nexans) which is our global employee organisation. In WiN, employees themselves drive the local issues they want to focus on, and they initiate several projects throughout the year.
  • A diversity and inclusion policy in line with our CSR commitments. We also have a commitment to gender equality based on three axes: women in management, women in senior management and women in executive management.
  • Social activities: Throughout the year, employees are given the opportunity to participate in various social activities, such as Holmekollenløpet as part of a Nexans team, litter picking, an annual training kick-off and social gathering, etc.


We want to be a company where our employees thrive and want to work for a long time. That's why we have a strong focus on internal mobility and training our employees to help them grow both personally and professionally. 

This is why we offer, among other things:

- Management courses
- Safety courses
- Courses in sustainability, anti-corruption and data security.

Local / Social engagement

We want to create local/social sustainability and good relationships by being present in the local community. This is why we do, among other things: 

- Providing training for electricians: Among other things, we organise courses for electricians and at secondary schools, including on topics such as heating cable calculations.

Nexans Foundation:

In addition to our local presence and initiatives, Nexans was the first in the cable industry globally to establish a foundation dedicated to serving the public interest. The Foundation aims to:

  • Support initiatives that promote access to energy for underprivileged populations worldwide
  • Support education and training of the population in technical, energy and environmental areas.
  • Support environmental studies (climate, sobriety, resource protection and biodiversity) related to electrification.

You can read more about the Nexans Foundation on the Nexans dedicated website.

Safety and work environment

Our employees should go home in the same condition as when they came to work. We have a zero vision when it comes to serious injuries and therefore work hard to prevent and avoid risk at all costs, both through various measures and safety training. In addition, it is important to us that our employees feel good when they come to work.

That's why we have introduced measures such as: 

  • Winningtemp: Every week, employees respond anonymously to questions about how they feel and their working environment. This gives management a quick indication of whether anything is changing with the help of AI, so they can take action to create the best possible working environment.
  • Safety Day: Every year, we organise an annual "Safety Day" where production stops and employees are trained in specific safety topics. All employees receive training and participate in practical exercises in areas such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, fire safety and firefighting. 
  • Reporting of deviations: We have a target of ... reported nonconformities in 2024. By reporting nonconformities, we can react quickly and reduce or eliminate these nonconformities that could have contributed to injuries in the long run. In this way, everyone has a safer working environment.

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