Drum Service

Nexans drum service - an innovative and environmental friendly return service for used NX drums

Nexans drum service is an innovative and environmentally friendly return service for used NX drums including sizes from NX12 to NX26-R.

The drum service includes return of used drums from the customer to the Langhus plant, where they go through a process of being repaired. Damaged drums and remnants of cables are destroyed.

The drums are optimized to increase the capacity and longevity. Nexans wishes to increase the number of drums being returned and re-used, and the strengthened NX drums are a good contribution in this direction.

Nexans guarantee a deposit for the NX drums if they meet the given conditions and the return form is filled out.


  • Environmentally friendly - by returning and re-using the drums several times.
  • Easy to return - we pick up your drums, with or without cable remnants.
  • Reduced cost - longer lengths give fewer drums at the construction site, fewer cable remnants for scrap and fewer joints. 
  • Longevity gives fewer wooden drums in circulation.
  • Gives up to 120% reduction of wood.
  • A high share of return (free) with good deposit avoids littering and burning.
  • Free return of cable remnants on drum ensures safe recycling of cables.
  • Longer standard lengths on optimized drums give reduced transport costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Return with a deposit only applies to NX drums from Nexans, and with return from an existing customer.

General terms

Fri retur av NX-tromler forutsetter et minimum volum på 6 lastemeter eller mer. Dersom kunden returnerer selv utbetales en høyere pant.

Free return of NX drums requires a minimum volume of 6 load meters or more. If the customer returns himself, a higher deposit is paid.

When pick-up has been agreed and confirmed, and the sender is not available at the agreed time, the cost for missed pick-up will be charged the sender.

Credit for own transport of NX drums to Langhus is agreed in each individual case.

Deposit will not be paid if:

  • if other drums than NX is included in the transport (freight/destruction is charged)
  • drum side wall is broken
  • the drum is skewed or has an egg-shaped form
  • the center hole is destroyed
  • there is scrap inside the core of the drum that cannot be removed
  • the drum is soiled or has remnants of paint, varnish or oil
  • return form is not included with the drums.

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