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TQXP - a new heating cable from Nexans

Jun 13, 2022
Two electricians on a worksite is testing Nexans new heating cable TQXP

The most popular heating cable in Norway has been upgraded - TKXP has become TQXP.

The blue heating cable from Nexans, TKXP, has been the most popular among electricians for generations. The product has been upgraded, and from now on named TQXP.  

TQXP is slimmer and lighter than TKXP, and very easy to install. This contributes to less neck and shoulder pain for the installer, and gives a product that offers far more opportunities.

“ - The last meter of TKXP is produced, and the last shipment to wholesalers is sent. The future is here, and it's called TQXP. ”

Torbjørn Blomsnes,

Plant Manager Nexans Langhus

The same good quality

TQXP is the latest product in a large number of cable innovations from the factory at Langhus. Nexans invented the heating cable back in 1927. Over the years, the company has invested significantly to ensure that the products have always maintained the high standard required by Norwegian construction practice and the high standards of electricians and installers.

- Norwegian conditions with strict rules, a challenging climate and high standards among craftsmen require premium products produced in Norway for Norwegian conditions, says Blomsnes.

The low weight of the TQXP allows the electrician to lay twice as large areas as before, and still handle a lighter cable coil.

- The cable has a significantly slimmer and lighter construction. This makes it easier for the installer to install more without a too heavy workload, and there are no longer any restrictions on the rooms or outdoor areas where the cable can be used, says Blomsnes.

The improvements have been done without compromising on quality, and TQXP comes with a 20-year warranty.

No lead

One of the reasons why TKXP has once become TQXP is the lead. Lead is being phased out as a material in most industries, and heating cables are no exception. Lead is expensive and heavy, and it is resource-intensive to extract. In addition, it is expensive to transport.

- The weight of the new cables is actually only approx. a third of the old ones, says Blomsnes.

Here are four important news regarding TQXP:

  • Lead has now been replaced by copper and aluminum. It provides a lighter cable.
  • The earth conductor is ultra-flexible and now consists of many thin wires of annealed copper
  • The joints on the cable are integrated and covered by complete, unbroken insulation, screen and outer sheath
  • The end seal is compact and completely waterproof.

TQXP can be installed in concrete floors, in wooden beam layers, snow melting systems, soil heating and frost protection of, for example, drains. They can also be mounted on rebar.

- We understand that the change may seem bigger than it really is, but we feel confident that the most skilled electricians will still choose the safe, blue, heating cable, says Blomsnes who promises that the quality is the same and better, while the possibilities have increased.

TQXP has many advantages
  • Easy to install.
  • Low weight. 
  • New and improved end seal, that.s 100% compact and waterproof.
  • 15 cm cold end, ensures stable temperature in end seal.
  • Slimmer, circulare cable, 5.5 mm
  • Hidden splice

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