N-LINE cables pre-wired in conduits

Feb 1, 2024

In the new N-LINE® range, both conduits and cables are 100% halogen-free.

This means that the product produces minimal black smoke and emissions of corrosive gases during a fire. The products are also listed in the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building product portal and can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building products are a good choice for both health and the environment.

The cables are easy to work with and easy to dismantle. The conduits have been given a new and improved construction, and they are now available in different colours depending on the area of use.

Our N-LINE® range includes cables for installation, telecoms/data, fire alarm and alarm and security.

We have worked to ensure that the new range is even more reliable, safe and easy to install. 

N-LINE® is manufactured at our factory in Langhus. This means you get a short-travelled product with a lower carbon footprint, designed for the Norwegian market.

For a simpler everyday life.

All the new benefits of N-Line

- New and improved conduit construction,
  100% halogen-free.

- Satisfies requirements for moulding

- Metre labelling

- User-friendly packaging

- Listed in Husproduktportalen and can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.

- Easy installation, saves time
  and money

- Cables and conduits manufactured in Norway

The installation cables can easily be supplemented with other high-quality products from our catalogue.

A colourful installation

Previously, our pre-wired cables came in a white conduit - but now we're bringing a little more colour to the installation. The conduits now come in four different colours; red, orange, grey and blue.

Red: Fire alarm
Orange: Alarm and security
Grey: Electrical
Blue: Data

The new coloured conduits make it easy to keep track of the cables and their area of use. A bonus in a workday characterised by a fast pace and the need for efficiency.

Instruksjonsfilm N_LINE emballasje

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