Blowing cables that can withstand the Nordic climate

The Ultimate Experiment

ULTIMATE™ is the name of our microcables. A name that clearly signals the superior performance of the cables. The cables are meticulously tested to withstand tough, Nordic conditions with cold, heat and wear. To prove our claims, we challenged ourselves and knitted a cable shirt.

The Ultimate Experiment

How do we optimise our ULTIMATE™ cables?

Maybe we are a little too careful, but we always strive for perfection. This is why we put extra time and effort into making the result the ultimate. It's all about creating a simpler everyday life for you.

Long blowing distance
The optimal combination of cable flexibility, compact construction and self-manufactured sheath materials results in long blowing distance.

Nordic climate
The appropriate construction and choice of material provides durable performance on the cable despite the seasonal temperature changes and mechanical impact in harsh conditions such as ice, frost, sun and water.

Quick and easy installation
Faster and safer installation through clear colour coding and easy stripping as well as adapted delivery lengths for easy handling.

Close to the market
Our ULTIMATE™ cables are developed and manufactured at our plant in Sweden. This is one of the reasons that makes us experts in cables that can withstand the Nordic climate.


This micro cable is optimised for long distance installation by blowing in ducts with an inner diameter of 8 mm depending on the fibre number and diameter. In addition to the cable being designed for Nordic climate, the cable has different colored tubes, for an easy and fast installation.


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Now, it is possible to blow the QXXE ULTIMATE™ 288SM micro cable with 200 µm fiber, in microtubes with an inner diameter of 10 mm. With a cable diameter of only 7.9 mm, there is room for more fibers in the existing infrastructure.

There is also even a thinner cable. QXXE ULTIMATE™ 192SM with 200 µm fiber can be blown into microtubes with an inner diameter of 8 mm. The cable diameter is only 6.2 mm.


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A microfibre cable optimized for blowing technology, developed and manufactured in Grimsås. Mechanically robust thanks to aramid yarn. Available in long lengths, up to 8000 meters.


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