Functionality during fire

The formation of minimal amounts of smoke is also an essential property in fire conditions.

Cables that are also required to work during a fire have their own fire classification. Common to these is that they have a special structure that is not destroyed in the same way as that of an ordinary cable is during a fire. Functionally safe cables include cables both for power supply and signal transmission. Additionally, these cables are smokeless and fire retardant. This effectively means they are self-extinguishing, generate little smoke and emit only low volumes of irritating or corrosive gases.

Nexans cables for these applications are marked with ALSECURE® PLUS and ALSECURE® PREMIUM.

Functionally safe cables are recommended for use in installations where functionality must be retained even during the event of a fire. By using ALSECURE® cables in critical alarm, control, signal and energy supply systems, you are guaranteed that these cables will not fail when a fire reaches the cable itself.

No gases, little smoke
Apart from the fact that fire-resistant cables work both during and after a fire, Nexans’s fire-resistant cables are always halogen-free. This means they emit no corrosive gases and only small quantities of smoke in the event of fire. 

Laying and installation
Examples of systems that must work even during the event of a fire are signal and safety systems designed to guide people out of the building. Other examples include smoke and gas fans, as well as elevators. Requirements for functionality during a fire also apply to fire alarm cabling that passes through spaces without any smoke detectors. 


Halogen-free cables from Nexans with great fire ratings.

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