LANmark-OF MTP-MTP Patch Cords


LANmark-OF Patch Cord Female MTP PRO - Female MTP PRO OM4 LSZH xm Aqua

Nexans ref. N125.7GGAx

  • Fiber optic type: OM4 50/125
  • Colour: Aqua


LANmark-OF Patch Cord Female MTP PRO - Female MTP PRO SM LSZH xm Yellow

Nexans ref. N125.4GGYx

  • Fiber optic type: SingleMode 9/125
  • Colour: Yellow


LANmark-OF Patch Cord Female MTP Pro - Female MTP Pro OM4 LSZH xm Violet

Nexans ref. N125.7GGVx

  • Fiber optic type: OM4 50/125
  • Colour: Violet





  • International
    ISO/IEC 11801


Nexans LANmark-OF MTP-MTP patch cords have been designed for indoor applications in support of parallel optics, i.e. 40GBase-SR4 and 100GBase-SR4.

Details on the supported distances can be found in the LANmark-OF warranty modules.


Typical installation environments are data centres:

  • Connections from patch panels to the active equipment
  • Cross connects


Nexans LANmark-OF MTP patch cords are delivered as straight patch cords with a key up - key up design, i.e. the method B polarity.  The patch cords are delivered with female MTP* PRO connectors.


For ease of patching the MTP PRO connector has a short boot length of 17mm.


With the tool in the LANmark-OF Tool MTP PRO Sample Box (N890.160) the gendre and polarity of the patch cords can be changed

  • Gendre can be changed to male with the pins of product N890.161
  • The polarity can be changed to a key up – key down design.


The patch cords are available with LANmark-OF OM4 performance.   Details on the fibre specifications can be found in the detailed fibre datasheets.


The typical value for the insertion loss for a multimode MTP connection is 0,125 dB. The limit value for a multimode MTP connection is 0,25 dB measured according to standard IEC 61300-3-45. The minimum return loss for a multimode MTP connection is 20 dB measured according to IEC 61300-3-6.


Mechanical characteristics of the Pre-Term are conform to the IEC 60794-20 standard for indoor cables. The small diameter of 2.5 mm and the small bend radius of 30mm the cable facilitates the patching in densely populated areas in the data centre.


The length between the 2 MTP-connectors is variable and can be increased in steps of 1m.  The "X" in the N-number equals Xm.


* MTP is a trade name of US Conec



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Outer sheath

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Crush resistance (IEC 60794-1-E3)
50 N/cm
Mechanical resistance to impacts (IEC 60794-1-E4)
10 impacts of 1 N.m



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