LANmark-OF Ultra Low Loss ENSPACE MTP-Module Straight 12 LC Multimode OM5 Lime Green Shutters Integrated




  • International
    ISO/IEC 11801

The ENSPACE MTP-modules have 3 quad LC adaptors in the front and one MTP adaptor in the back.  Inside a fibre assembly connects the LC- and MTP-adaptors.


The sleeve of the LC adaptor is made of high quality zirconia. Metallic shutters are integrated into the LC adaptors.


The modules can be installed in the trays from the rear and from the front of the ENSPACE panel increasing the flexibility during installation, and for moves, adds and changes.


Up to 12 ENSPACE MTP-modules can be installed quickly into the ENSPACE UHD 1U patch panel. With these 12 modules a Ultra High Density of 144 LC within 1U can be achieved.

Up to 8 ENSPACE MTP-modules can be installed quickly into the ENSPACE HD 1U patch panel. With these 8 modules a High Density of 96 LC within 1U can be achieved.


Fibre labeling is printed on the cover of the ENSPACE modules.


For polarity methods A,B and C of standard TIA-568-C following modules and trunks need to be used:

  • For a polarity method A implementation with a method A Pre-Term straight modules are used on both sides of the link.
  • For a polarity method B implementation with a method B Pre-Term a straight cassette is used on one side of the link and a crossed module on the other side of the link.
  • For a polarity method C implementation with a method C Pre-Term straight modules are used on both sides of the link.


The ENSPACE module has standard un-pinned (female) connectors. This matches perfectly with the pinned (male) connectors of the male MTP-connector of the ENSPACE MTP Pre-Term.


The insertion loss of the modules is measured according to IEC 61300-3-45.  The minimum return loss of the module is measured according to IEC 61300-3-6. 


Since all connectivity is factory terminated and tested installation times are short facilitating a quick deployment.


* MTP is a trade name of US Conec



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Lime green
Fiber optic type
OM5 50/125 Wideband
Wiring type

Transmission characteristics

Transmission characteristics

Insertion Loss, maximum, dB
0.35 dB
Insertion loss, typical value
0.2 dB
Return Loss, Minimum, dB
20 dB



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