Nexans and EFO facilitate access to climate data

Mar 6, 2024

Nexans, in collaboration with the Electrical Association (EFO), has recently taken an important step to make climate data available digitally in the EFO database and product data templates (PDT). It is now easier to find CO2 emission figures at article level digitally downloadable in the EFO database for many of Nexans' articles.

- We think it is important that detailed climate data is available digitally to promote environmental transparency and accelerate the use of the data. We hope this initiative will simplify everyday life for the entire value chain and contribute to more climate-smart choices," says Hanna Wird, Marketing Manager at Nexans in the Nordic region.

The data can easily be extracted or downloaded from EFO via API or similar. It is third-party verified and from published environmental declarations (EPD/PEP). The data is available at product level and for the different phases (A1-A3, A5, A5), and is specified according to the established standard ISO 22057 (digital communication of environmental performance).


EPD or PEP - what is the difference?

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and PEP (Product Environmental Profile) have the same function, follow the same established standards, and are equivalent in the sense that they both communicate the environmental impact of products based on life cycle analysis.

EPD covers a wide range of products (such as cement, insulation, asphalt, etc.), while PEP focuses more specifically on electrical and electronic products. Nexans has therefore chosen to use PEP instead of EPD.

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All Nexans' environmental declarations are third-party verified, as well as approved and published by PEP-EcoPassport. Links to the PDF documents can be found in the EFO database, on the Nexans website and published in the PEP-ECO-Passport Portal.


80% coverage

With over 80% of sales in Norway now covered by environmental declarations, Nexans emphasizes its position as a conscious manufacturer that places great emphasis on the climate impact of its products.

“ Producing environmental declarations is a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we are proud to have achieved such a high level of coverage ”

Hanna Wird

Marketing Manager, Nexans Nordics D&U

- So, of course, we want as many customers as possible to use this data and make conscious choices," she adds.

Some products are more complicated than others, such as our smart cable solutions that consist of many different elements. These are not yet in the EFO database, but can often be produced on request.

- We have to realize that we are in an early phase," Wird continues. "Developments in both data access and material selection are moving at an extremely fast pace, while environmental declarations can be valid for up to five years. Therefore, the data should still be used with good judgment. We are constantly learning: what is a truth today is not necessarily a truth tomorrow. We are humbled by that fact," adds Wird.


EFO pleased with the good cooperation

EFO has a good collaboration with its members and is proud to finally be able to publish the first product data templates for cable.

“ It's inspiring to see more of our members getting involved in the development of product data templates. This benefits not only EFO, but the entire industry ”

Phillip Tran

Director of Technology, EFO

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