LANmark-OF Fibre Accessories


LANmark-OF Cable Gland Rubber Boot 20 mm 10X

Nexans ref. N890.148 - Country ref. 10118334

  • Packaging: Unit


LANmark-OF Cable gland 20mm

Nexans ref. N890.147 - Country ref. 10118334

  • Packaging: Unit


LANmark-OF Cable gland 25mm

Nexans ref. N890.146 - Country ref. 10118333

  • Packaging: Unit


LANmark-OF Detachable pulling eye-with Protection Tube

Nexans ref. N890.100HP - Country ref. 10047340

  • Packaging: Box (10Unit)


LANmark-OF Fibre Organiser 10X

Nexans ref. N890.070 - Country ref. 10118334

  • Packaging: Unit


LANmark-OF Mini RouteFloor 5mm

Nexans ref. N890.170 - Country ref. 10047340

  • Packaging: Box (10Unit)





  • International
    ISO/IEC 11801


  • Optical fibre accessories to complete all Nexans OF products, patch panels, ZD boxes, splitter box.
  • Designed for the installation of zone wiring, fibre to the office, fibre to the desk and backbone connections.


Suitable for tight buffer cable (direct termination) or loose tube using splice tray and pigtails

Compatible with all Nexans ST or SC patch panels, zone distribution boxes and splice box


  • The ST and SC connectors are in both versions hot melt or epoxy field installable for easy installing.
  • The single ST and dual SC couplers are available in single mode and mono mode to complete all OF structural hardware.
  • The splice trays are easy to fix in all Nexans OF patch panels, OF ZD boxes and can distribute 12 optical fibres.
  • Cable glands can be useful for entering cables or distributing fibres in to the OF patch panels and OF ZD boxes.
  • Aluminium fusion splice protection protect the spliced fibres and are easily manageable in the splice tray.
  • A tool is offered for easy installing the aluminium fusion splice protection.
  • Splitter tube aloud to split up your cable into different patch panels.
  • A blind plate completes the e-ssential patch panel when used as splice patch panel.
  • Micro tubes of 0.9mm can be used to install a hot melt connector on a loose tube fibre.



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