LANmark-OF Plug&Play Patch Panels





  • International
    ISO/IEC 11801

The Nexans' Plug and Play concept is specifically designed for installation in data centres where the high density, integrated patch cord guide and enhanced installation benefits of the patch panel meet the key requirements for implementation.


The Nexans unique patch panel design allows to hold up to 4 MPT modules or adaptor plates in 1U of the distribution rack. Depending on the type of the module a high density of up to 96 fibre connections can be accommodated.


The new patch cord guide sits in front of the modules and allows the patch cords to be managed within the same 1U saving expensive rack space. The patch cord guide also provides a labelling facility to identify connections. Additional labelling is provided by printed port numbers on the modules.

The newly developed tray slides and tilts for improved access to install new modules and adaptor plates.


The patch panel is optimised for installation of the LANmark-OF MTP/MTP or SC/LC Pre-Term Trunks. The cable glands of the Pre-Term allow a fast and solid fixing of the cable.  There is ample space inside the patch panel to organise the flexible fan-out of the Pre-Term.


The  LANmark-OF Fibre Organiser (N890.070) fits in the patch panel to facilitate the installation of the SC/LC Pre-Term.

The various modules of the LANmark-OF Plug&Play modules (e.g. N441.5L24LC4FS and N441.4L12LC4FS) can be easily fit in the patch panel.


Inside the patch panel the following splice cassettes can be installed:

  • N890.090: LANmark-OF Splice Cassette Heat Shrink Protectors
  • N890.091: LANmark-OF Splice Cassette Aluminium Protectors
  • N890.092: LANmark-OF Splice Cassette Cover

For information regarding the possible combinations for splice cassettes, maxistrip/tight buffer pigtails and cables please consult the installation guide.


Panels are fully painted in black for a professional look and feel. Blank fillers (N441.2MBP) are available as separate accessories for unused positions to give a finished look.


The front adaptor plate can be fixed in a flush or recessed position in the rack using the adjustable side brackets.  When the panel is installed recessed the distance between the rack vertical and the rear of the panel is 288 mm.  The front cord management projection is 67 mm. When the panel is installed flush the distance between the rack vertical and the rear of the panel is 248 mm.  The front cord management projection is 107 mm.



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