LANmark Hybrid Patch Panel Snap-In Sliding Black




  • Internasjonal
    IEC 811-5-1

The LANmark hybrid patch panel can accommodate both LANmark copper Snap-In connectors and LANmark-OF Snap-In adaptors.  The right side of the panel is optimized for 12 screened or unscreened LANmark Snap-In copper connectors.  The left side can have up to 12 DLC or 6 DSC LANmark-OF Snap-In adaptors.




The hybrid panel is designed to accommodate any of the Snap-In connectors in the LANmark copper product family: LANmark-7A, LANmark-7, LANmark-6A, LANmark-6, and LANmark-5.


The panel features an exclusive connection system to secure the connector in the panel and to provide a simple means of earthing shielded connectors to facilitate installation. Connection of the panel to earth is achieved with a unique Auto-Connect feature removing the need for individual bonding conductors.


The right rear of the panel has "T" slots to facilitate strain relief of cables using cable ties for the protection of connector terminations from pulling forces. A bag of 25 nylon cable ties is included with every panel.




The Nexans’ unique hybrid patch panel design can have up to 12 DLC or 6 DSC Snap-In adaptors. These Snap-In adaptors are available in Multimode Aqua, Singlemode Blue and Singlemode Green for APC.  The adaptors are ordered separately.


Multiple fibre cables can be fixed in the rear of the tray with cable gland or tie wraps. There are 5 slots with a diameter of 20mm and 1 slot with a diameter of 25mm.


The panels facilitate multiple termination methods for fibre cables: termination with anaerobic connectors or splicing with pigtails can be accommodated, as well as LANmark-OF Pre-Terms.


Inside the patch panel, the following splice cassettes can be installed:

  • N890.095: LANmark-OF Splice Cassette Heat Shrink Protectors Small
  • N890.096: LANmark-OF Splice Cassette Aluminum Protectors Small
  • N890.097: LANmark-OF Splice Cassette Cover Small


The patch panel is optimized for installation of the LANmark-OF SC/LC Pre-Terms.  The cable glands of the Pre-Term allow a fast and solid fixing of the cables in the 5 slots with a diameter of 20mm. 




General characteristics


The patch panel is designed for standard 19" enclosures,  is 1U high and are fully painted in Black.


The ports are labelled from '1' to '24' on a white bar above the Snap-In adaptors/connectors.


When the panel is installed in a rack the distance between the rack vertical and the rear of the panel is 269mm.  The adaptor plane is recessed by 13mm compared to the rack vertical. In the patching position, the adaptor plane is 74 mm in front of the rack vertical.


The newly developed sliding tray now features plastic latches.


With these latches the panel trays can be locked in 3 different positions:

  • The operational position when the tray is completely in the chassis
  • The patching position that allows to pull the tray forward by 87mm to facilitate patching in dense areas
  • The safety and maintenance position: an additional stop before complete removal of the tray out of the chassis











19 inches
280 mm
1 U



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