URC-1 Single Armoured Submarine Cable


G144-9D QERE-0403LV-R3,2 TIA

Nexans ref. 10212113 - Country ref. 1082184

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)


G192-9D QERE-0403LV-R3,2 TIA

Nexans ref. 10118544 - Country ref. 1082185

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)


G24-9D QERE-0403LV-R3,2 TIA

Nexans ref. 10118520 - Country ref. 1082181

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)


G48-9D QERE-0403LV-R3,2 TIA

Nexans ref. 10118521 - Country ref. 1082182

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)


G96-9D QERE-0403LV-R3,2 TIA

Nexans ref. 10118522 - Country ref. 1082183

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)





  • International
    IEC 60794; ITU-T Rec. G.652

This single armoured fibre optic submarine cable is part of the URC-1 family. The cable is intended for surface use or buried where increased protection is required.

The cable can contain up to 96 fibres (type G.652D) protected in a single, stainless steel tube. For fibre counts greater than 96, the fibres are split between four stranded tubes. A polyethylene sheath is extruded around the single tube/stranded tube package to complete the cable core.

A single layer of armouring wires is stranded around the cable core. This is in turn protected by a polyethylene outer sheath.

Several other options are available on request:

- A copper conductor can be applied on the steel tube for electroding purposes (fault location)
- The outer polyethylene sheath can be replaced by polypropylene yarns flooded in bitumen
- Other fibre types and fibre counts can be supplied



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Fiber optic type
SM (G.652D)
Type of secondary protection
Stainless steel tube
Inner sheath
Armour type
Galvanized steel wires
Outer sheath

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Nominal permanent tensile strength
50 kN
Nominal operating tensile strength
70 kN
Nominal transient tensile strength
100 kN
Minimum breaking load
130 kN
Crush resistance (EN 187 000)
10 kN
Impact resistance (EN 187 000)
200 J

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Minimum static operating bending radius
500 mm
Operating temperature, range
-40 ... 70 °C
Storage temperature, range
-40 ... 70 °C
Ambient installation temperature, range
-15 ... 60 °C




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Selling & delivery Information

Standard Marking

Cable ID.Production year - G(XX) QERE R3,2 - Nexans Norway - (YYYY) m

XX = Number of fibres
YYYY = Metre marking

Delivery Length

Can be delivered in lengths as agreed.

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