LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal (144F) Cca


LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal 144x Multimode 50/125 OM3 LSZH Cca s1ad0a1 Aqua

Nexans ref. N165.MBUN144-AC

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)
  • Fiber optic type: OM3 50/125


LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal 144x Singlemode 9/125 OS2 LSZH Cca s1ad0a1 Yellow

Nexans ref. N164.MBUN144-YC

  • Packaging: Cut to length (m)
  • Fiber optic type: SM (G657.A1)





  • International
    ISO/IEC 11801

Description and Application

The new Micro-Bundle technology from Nexans allows to manufacture a flexible and small tube. This Micro-Bundle is the central part of the new “LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal” cable design. Each Micro-Bundle contains 12 fibres with a fibre diameter of 250 um. Termination of these fibres is done with splicing with pigtails.

Several Micro-Bundles are arranged around a central strength element. The combination of the Micro-Bundle technology, the central strength element and the glass yarns result in a mechanical robust, but also in a small and flexible cable. 
 The small bending radius of the LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal makes the cable easy to arrange in patch panels, in cable trays and in ducts.

The watertight glass yarns and the very limited amount of gel inside the tube make the LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal design watertight, rodent resistant and suitable for installation outdoor in a duct by pulling.

The LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal complies with the indoor fire requirements. Since there is no drip effect of the very limited amount of gel the cable is optimised for both horizontal and vertical installations.


Legend accompanying the cross section drawing:

  1. Central strength element
  2. Optical fibre (250 µm)
  3. Micro-Bundle with 12 fibres
  4. Reinforced watertight glass yarns
  5. Outer sheath in LSZH material with UV resistant additive



  • Micro-Bundle design for easy installation
  • Indoor cable for horizontal and vertical installations
  • Flame retardant (IEC 60332-1 & NFC 32070 C2)
  • Fire retardant (IEC 60332-3 & NFC 32070 C1)
  • Outdoor cable for installation in a duct by pulling
  • Waterproof structure, rodent resistant and UV-resistant
  • All dielectric design
  • Designed for termination by splicing
  • 12 fibres per Micro-Bundle
  • Smoke Density (IEC61034)
  • Reaction fo fire: Cca a1d0s1 according to EN50575:2014 +A1:2016 
  • Sheath Color: Aqua (OM3), Yellow (OS2)





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