IVXI 0.5


D20-0.5 IVXI-60P Tr

Nexans ref. 10021467 - Country ref. 1089820

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of pairs: 20
  • Nominal outer diameter: 9.2 mm
  • Approximate weight: 130 kg/km
  • Minimum breaking load: 2 kN
  • Length: 500 m

D50-0.5 IVXI-60P

Nexans ref. 10021468 - Country ref. 1067519

  • Packaging: Drum (250m)
  • Number of pairs: 50
  • Nominal outer diameter: 13.4 mm
  • Approximate weight: 280 kg/km
  • Minimum breaking load: 4 kN
  • Length: 250 m

D100-0.5 IVXI-60P

Nexans ref. 10021470 - Country ref. 1067520

  • Packaging: Drum (250m)
  • Number of pairs: 100
  • Nominal outer diameter: 18.9 mm
  • Approximate weight: 540 kg/km
  • Minimum breaking load: 8 kN
  • Length: 250 m




  • International
    IEC 60332-1; IEC 60754-2; IEC 61034-2

The cable consists of plain, annealed copper conductors bundled in twisted pairs. Cables with more than 10 pairs have sub-units of 10 pairs.


The cable has a conductor insulation of halogenfree, flame retardant polymer (PPO). The cable core is wrapped with polyester tape and screened with one layer of aluminium/polyester tape. The cable is unfilled and has a ripcord underneath the cable sheath. The outer sheath is a cream white halogen-free, flame retardant polymer, which does not adhere to the screen. Fire performance according to CPR class Dcas2d2a2.


Information on electrical data, as well as cable core design and identification, is attached in Related Information.



Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Conductor diameter
0.5 mm




Selling & delivery Information

Delivery length is specified in the relevant product data sheet.

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