LANmark-OF Splice Cassettes





  • International
    ISO/IEC 11801

Family of patch panel accessories for termination of cable when using fusion splicing techniques.

The cassette protects the fusion splices and holds them in position.


The splice cassettes with heatshrink protectors can be used for both 250 and 900 µm coated fibres. Hence these cassettes are compatible with LANmark-OF Tight Buffer, Loose Tube and Micro-Bundle cables. Splicing with heat shrink protectors can also be used for both LANmark-OF Maxistrip and Tight Buffer Pigtails.

These cassettes have 12 splice positions.


The cassettes with Aluminum protectors can only be used for Loose Tube cables, Micro-Bundle cables and LANmark-OF Maxistrip Pigtails, i.e. fibres with a diameter of 250 µm. Aluminum protectors can NOT be used with LANmark-OF Tight Buffer cables and LANmark-OF Tight Buffer Pigtails, i.e. fibres with a 900 µm coating.

The splice cassettes with Aluminum protectors have 24 splice positions.


The Nexans fibre panels can hold up to 4 splice cassettes and only the top splice cassette needs a cover.


The LANmark-OF Splice cassettes are available in 2 sizes: small and large.


The large splice cassettes (N890.090, N890.091 and N890.092) can be installed in the LANmark-OF patch panels (N439.*) and LANsense-OF sliding preloaded patch panels (N883.2B*).

These splice cassettes are fixed to each other at the back of the cassettes with the provided hinges. This feature facilitates the inspection after installation since the cassettes can be lifted and tilted.

The cassette facilitates 2 rings of routing: an inner ring for the fibres of the pigtails and an outer ring for the fibres of the cable.


The small splice cassettes (N890.095, N890.096 and N890.097) are compatible with the LANmark-OF Snap-In panels (N441.203 and N441.204) and the LANmark-OF ZD-boxes (N521.630 and N521.612).



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