IFSI 500 V EMC Alsecure control cable (CPR)


IFSI 4x0,75 mm² EMC

Nexans ref. 10538573 - Country ref. 1007780

  • Packaging: Drum (1000m)
  • Approximate weight: 13.2 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Number of cores: 4
  • Resistance of the screen: 7.0 Ohm/km
  • Length: 1000 m

IFSI 8x0,75 mm² EMC

Nexans ref. 10538574 - Country ref. 1007781

  • Packaging: Drum (1000m)
  • Approximate weight: 28.0 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 15.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 8
  • Resistance of the screen: 4.5 Ohm/km
  • Length: 1000 m

IFSI 12x0,75 mm² EMC

Nexans ref. 10538575 - Country ref. 1007782

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Approximate weight: 30.0 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 16.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 12
  • Resistance of the screen: 4.5 Ohm/km
  • Length: 500 m

IFSI 20x0,75 mm² EMC

Nexans ref. 10538576 - Country ref. 1007783

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Approximate weight: 46.0 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 20.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 20
  • Resistance of the screen: 4.5 Ohm/km
  • Length: 500 m

IFSI 28x0,75 mm² EMC

Nexans ref. 10538577 - Country ref. 1007784

  • Packaging: Drum (3000m)
  • Approximate weight: 56.5 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 21.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 28
  • Resistance of the screen: 3.0 Ohm/km
  • Length: 3000 m




  • International
    HD 627.7 B1; IEC 60228; IEC 60754-1; IEC 61034
  • National
    NEK HD 627-7B1

Halogen free screened control cable for indoor and outdoor use.The cable has a screen of annealed copper wires with opposite overlapping helix of copper tape. The copper screen has an optical coverage of 100 % and fullfil the EMC directive when it is correct installed.Suitable for installations where small cross sections and flexible conductors are needed. May be installed directly in ground.


Quad assembled cores are specially suitable for electronic control installations due to small mutual influence between the different circuits.


IFSI 500V is a halogen free version of PFSP 500V control cable.



The cable is marked with LIFEMARK™.



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Conductor material
Bare annealed copper stranded
Conductor shape
Core identification
Halogen free
Halogen free compound
Lead free
Concentric copper
Sheath colour

Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Average insulation thickness
0.6 mm
Conductor cross-section
0.75 mm²

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Mutual capacitance
90 nF/km
Nominal resistance of the conductor
26.00 Ohm/km

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Max. conductor temperature in service
70 °C



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