LANmark-OF Universal LC/SC Pre-Terminated Fibre Assembly




  • Internasjonal
    ISO/IEC 11801

The assembly consists of a Tight Buffer Universal cable terminated with connectors on each side in a factory. The connectors are typically LC, SC or ST. A tube protects the connectors during transport and installation. A pulling eye system is positioned at one side of the Pre-Term to facilitate the installation. When the cable has been installed, the protective tube and pulling eye system are removed. The terminated fibres are fed into a patch panel and the Pre-Term can be quickly installed.



  • Backbones for Local Area Network (LAN) Applications.
  • Horizontal fibre distribution to work area and zone.
  • Trunk cables for Data Centres
  • Outdoor in a duct between buildings


Pre-Term characteristics

In order to reduce overlengths the Pre-Terms are custom made and available with 1m increments. The "XXX" in the N-number is the length in meter between the cable glands, i.e. the Pre-Term length between the back side of the patch panels.

The Pre-Terms are optimized for both laying and pulling. They are delivered with protecting tubes around the connectors and with a pulling eye on one side. This pulling eye is connected to the internal strength element of the cable and has a maximum pulling force of 450N.

The LC/LC Pre-Terms come with a cable gland that fits into the LANmark-OF patch panel slots of 20 mm.

The Tight Buffered fibres of the Pre-Term are easy to arrange inside a patch panel since they are at the same time flexible and robust enough to handle.

The outer jacket of the cable is LSZH. The cable meet the requirements for flame non-propagation: the cables are compliant to IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3.  It can be used as indoor cable for horizontal and vertical installations.

The LANmark-OF Tight Buffer Universal can be used for outdoor installation in a duct: the water tight glass yarns make the cables fully waterproof and rodent retardant.

The Pre-term is optimized for installation inside a data centre due to its small diameter and bend radius.

The typical value for the insertion loss for the low loss LC/LC connection is 0,15 dB. The limit value is 0,3 dB measured according to standard IEC61300-3-4. The minimum return loss for a multimode LC connection is 30 dB measured according to IEC 61300-3-6. The minimum return loss for a singlemode LC connection is 40 dB measured according to IEC 61300-3-6.

All LANmark-OF Pre-term assemblies are fully terminated and tested in a quality assured factory environment. The test results are delivered in the box with the Pre-Terms.


Fibre types and jacket colours
The Pre-Terms are available with singlemode (9/125 um) fibre with G652D fibres. This results in OS2 cables. Singlemode Pre-Terms have a yellow jacket.

For multimode laser optimised fibres (50/125 um) are available with OM3 or OM4 performance. Multimode Pre-Terms are Aqua.

High exposure to UV radiation and sunlight could lead to fading of the Aqua and Yellow jacket.

Details with the exact optical performance can be found in the specific fibre datasheets.


Benefits of Pre-Term
Short & reliable manufacturing lead-time
Fast installation times
No specialised termination training required
No consumables, termination tool kits
No cable or connector scrap
No termination errors on site
Reduced on-site disruption and installation time










Antall optiske fibre

Mekaniske egenskaper

Mekaniske egenskaper

Motstandsevne støt
10 impacts of 3 N.m



Temperaturområde under installasjon
0 ... 40 °C
Lagringstemperatur område
0 ... 60 °C
IEC 60332-3
IEC 60332-1



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