LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patch Cord Duplex LC


LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patch Cord DLC-DLC OM4 LSZH xm Aqua

Nexans N122.7UUAx

  • Fibertype: OM4 50/125


LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patch Cord DLC-DLC OM5 LSZH xm Lime Green

Nexans N122.9UULx

  • Fibertype: OM5 50/125 Wideband






  • Internasjonal
    ISO/IEC 11801

Optimised for data centres environments

LANmark-OF ENSPACE patch cords have a very small bend radius of 10 mm due to the use GIGAliteFLEX bend insensitive fibre.

The small bend radius of the patch cord is beneficial in high density patching areas where a lot of bends are common. There is a high risk that the larger bend radius (40 mm) of traditional patch cords is not maintained resulting in high attenuation and loss of transmission.

The round design of the ENSPACE patch cord results in a small bend radius in any direction. Traditional patch cords based on a zipcord design have a bend radius that is dependent on the orientation.

With the round design and the small diameter (2mm) of the patch cable the area required for the patch cord is reduced by 50 % resulting in space savings, reduced disturbance of the airflow for cooling and easier patch cords management in high density racks.

For the support of the advanced high speed Ethernet protocols with stringent power budgets the ENSPACE patch cord features a low loss performance of 0.25 dB. This increases the headroom in the channel and reduces the risk of down time.


  • Patch cord cable is according to IEC 60794-2-50
  • Maximum insertion loss according to IEC 61300-3-4: 0.25 dB
  • Typical insertion loss: 0.125 dB
  • GIGAliteFLEX bend insensitive fibre
  • A label is added close to the uniboot connector for traceability of the measurement results

Guarantees and installation

Nexans LANmark-OF optical fibre patch cords have been designed for indoor applications in support of high speed protocols. Details on the supported distances can be found in the LANmark-OF warranty modules.

Typical installation environments are:

  • Cabinets to connect patch panels to active equipment.
  • Cross connects in data centres.


Nexans LANmark-OF patch cords are delivered according to the "Cross-Over" wiring principle to improve field installation (A1-B2, B1-A2). This complies to the requirements of IEC 11801 and EN 50174-1:2009.

The polarity of the ENSPACE patch cord can be changed by opening the uniboot connector on one side and change the position of the 2 LC connectors. A black and yellow plastic square identify the fibre inside the patch cord.  The patch cords are delivered with the black square on the left on side A and on the right on side B.  This is required for cross-over or optical crossed patch cords. By changing the position of the black square on side A from the left to the right the patch cord becomes an optical straight patch cord. This straight patch cord can be used for some rare legacy applications that have a non-standard polarity.





Insertion Loss, maximum, dB
0,25 dB

Mekaniske egenskaper

Mekaniske egenskaper

Maximum pulling force (IEC 60794-1-2-E1)
100 N
Mechanical resistance to impacts (IEC 60794-1-E4)
10 impacts of 1 N.m
Motstand mot sammenpressing (IEC 794-1)
100 N/cm



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