LANmark-OF LC Connector Singlemode Anaerobic 900µm 100X




  • Internasjonal
    ISO/IEC 11801

Nexans offers a large range of Fibre Optics connectors for field termination practices. All these connectors meet most recent standard ISO 11801 releases.

Connector type available in bulk packaging are SC and LC. Both connectors are available in singlemode and multimode versions

For installers' convenience the connector bodies are all packed in one bag. The connectors' boots are packed in another bag seperately. This bulk packaging reduces the time to unpack individual packed connectors and eliminates packaging waste.

For optimal installations, Nexans recommends to use its LANmark-OF Toolkit SM & MM Anaerobic Connector (starter kit), ref.: 102.230. This toolkit provides a comprehensive set of tools and consumables for easier on-site jobs and is supplied with illustrated installation manual.

Detailed description connectors

  • Zirconia ceramic ferrule
  • Outer diameter ferrule: 2.5 mm for SC and ST connectors and 1.25 mm for LC connectors
  • Ferrule hole size: 126 µm for Singlemode connectors and 127 um for multimode connectors
  • Typical insertion loss: 0.2 dB
  • Return loss > 35 dB for multimode and 45 dB for Singlemode connectors
  • Durability < 0.1 dB typical change after 500 matings

 Compliance to standards

  • SC-connector: IEC 61754-04
  • LC-connector: IEC 61754-20


  • Fast anaerobic cure with adhesive and activator
  • Limited consumable set required
  • Overall cost effective technology for small projects: low cost connector, no investment in expensive tools
  • No investment in furnace or expensive splicing tool required
  • No investment in polishing machine: hand polish suggested
  • Does not require electrical power to install
  • Installation done within minutes
  • Short set up time: No warming up of furnace required
  • Reliable solution: No index matching gel in connector





SM 9/125
Konnektor type



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