LANmark Pre-Term Units




  • Internasjonal
    ISO/IEC 11801


LANmark Pre-Term Units are 4 pair cable assemblies pre-connectorised with either Jack-Jack, Jack-Plug or Plug-Plug. The jacks are LANmark Snap-In connectors, compatible with all LANmark Snap-In patch panels, zone distribution boxes and outlet modules. Shielded constructions offer immunity to external noise and comply with Alien Crosstalk requirements by design.

Each Pre-Term unit is numbered to allow identification. Labelling can be customised.


Pre-Terminated assemblies are well-suited for areas where installation time is limited, as cable preparation and connector termination on-site is eliminated.


Pre-Terminated units are available in Cat 6/Class E, Cat 6A/Class EA and Cat 7A/Class FA performance and meet or exceed the requirements for the given Category/Class as specified in the International, European and American standards. When used in conjunction with other LANmark components of the same Category, all 3- and 4-connector Link and Channel configurations, as specified in the mentioned standards, are supported.



Nexans LANmark Pre-Term units contribute in reducing installation time, since cable preparation and connectorisation on-site is eliminated. Field testing is still required after installation to obtain the Nexans LANmark System Warranty.

Note: the units are suitable for laying, not for pulling.


All Pre-Term units are factory tested. An electronic format report can be delivered on request. Traceability codes ensure quality validation.

Installations with LANmark Pre-Term units in combination with other LANmark components of at least the same Category qualify for a LANmark Certified System Warranty for a period of 25 years, including parts, installation, Channel performance and application support.



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