LANmark-6 Slimflex UniBoot Patch Cords


LANmark-6 Slimflex Patch Cord Unscreened LSZH 0.5m White

Nexans N1S6.P1A005WK

  • Standardlengde: 0,5 m


LANmark-6 Slimflex Patch Cord Unscreened LSZH 1m White

Nexans N1S6.P1A010WK

  • Standardlengde: 1 m


LANmark-6 Slimflex Patch Cord Unscreened LSZH 2m White

Nexans N1S6.P1A020WK

  • Standardlengde: 2 m


LANmark-6 Slimflex Patch Cord Unscreened LSZH 3m White

Nexans N1S6.P1A030WK

  • Standardlengde: 3 m


LANmark-6 Slimflex Patch Cord Unscreened LSZH 5m White

Nexans N1S6.P1A050WK

  • Standardlengde: 5 m





  • Internasjonal
    EN 50173 Ed.1; ISO/IEC 11801

Design and Application

LANmark-6 Slimflex UniBoot cords are designed to offer a reduced sized patching solution, whilst fully supporting Gigabit Ethernet or any other Category 6 / Class E application.

The cable is built with AWG28 stranded copper conductors and has an overall diameter of only 4 mm, as opposed to traditional Category 6 cords which have a typical width of around 6 mm.

As a result, Slimflex cords can reduce bundle sizes with 53% compared with traditional cordage. This is particularly useful in high density patching areas in telecommunications rooms, where space-saving and ease of cord management are crucial.

The stranded wire design offers also greater flexibility compared to solid wire equivalents. This combination of reduced size and increased flexibility makes the LANmark Slimflex UniBoot cords the ideal solution both for easier cabinet and rack management, and for day-to-day use in the work area.

LANmark-6 Slimflex cords feature a slim over-moulded boot with bend relief and a pre-fitted black latch protector which can be replaced with a different colour, useful for colour coding of different services. (7 additional colours available - part number series N110.LPx )


When installed in combination with other LANmark-6 components, a 25 years channel warranty can be obtained, covering full Category 6 / Class E compliance.


  • Available lengths are 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m.
  • Standard jacket is LSZH in White colour.





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