Nexans ref. 10265863 - Country ref. 5400105

  • Packaging: Box (Unit)





  • International
    EN 60730-1; EN 60730-2-9

N-COMFORT TR is a simple, yet versatile thermostat / regulator for use with Nexans electrical under floor heating cable system.

The thermostat offers minimum and maximum setting limitations within its operating temperature range, and is configured through settings of DIP switches and a potentiometer, accessible under the housing of the thermostat. It is operated with a two-pole mechanical on/off switch and temperature setting dial on the front.

N-COMFORT TR has got a (built-in) room sensor and is delivered with an external floor sensor which, if used, should be placed (embedded) into the floor between two heating cable loops, near the floor surface. This facilitates 3 operational modes:

Room temperature control using the built-in sensor (no external sensor used)
Floor temperature control using the external sensor
Room temperature control using the built-in sensor WITH temperature limiting  function using the external sensor

In addition it can be configured to work as a power regulator. In this configuration the temperature limiting functionality will not work.

The thermostat is delivered with Elko Plus Polar White  and Schneider Exxact White compatible housings



-  Rated Voltage: 230Vac, 50/60Hz

-  Own Consumption: < 5W

-  Maximum load: 16A

-  Temperature setting Range: 10~50°C

-  Temperature measurement Range: 0~55°C

-  Temperature-controlled Accuracy: ±1°C

-  Time setting range: 0-10 minutes

-  Wiring terminals: connection wire max 2.5 mm2

-  Enclosure: fire retardant: PC+ABS

-  Dimension: 81.5×81.5×30.4 mm (W×H×D)

-  Hole pitch: 60 mm

-  Encapsulation: IP 21

-  Sensing Element: NTC




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