FLAMEX 20 EN 50306-4 1P 19 x 0.75 - MM




  • International
    EN 45545-2 (HL3); EN 50264-1; EN 50305; EN 50306


Strictly halogen free, these wires combine the advantages of small size, lightweight, high chemical resistance, high mechanical properties. They are recommended for installation in railway vehicles (locomotives, trains, trolleybusses...).

A 125°C conductor temperature is allowed for a 20000 hours cumulative working time.


  1. Conductor

    Stranded tinned copper wires

  2. Insulation

    THIN WALL Halogen free, FLAMEX SH20.

  3. Screen (for screened versions)

    Tinned copper braid with optional polyester tape

  4. Outer sheath (for sheath versions)

    Halogen free FLAMEX.


According to EN 50306.

Colour codes

Insulation : white, numbered 1 to n

Colour coded wires on request

Sheath : black

Bending radius

(In accordance with NF F 61-010 standard)

Dynamic use : 10 x outer diameter

Static use : 5 x outer diameter


According to : EN 50306 ; EN 50305; EN 50264 ; EN 45545-2, DIN 5510-2 ; NFPA 130 ; GOST.



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Halogen free
EN 50267-2-2
Construction type

Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Conductor cross-section
0.75 mm²
Conductor diameter
1.2 mm
Maximum outer diameter
10.2 mm
Minimum outer diameter
9.0 mm
Approximate weight
205 kg/km
Diameter over insulation, range
1.35 - 1.65 mm
Number of cores

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Max. DC resistance of the conductor at 20°C
26.7 Ohm/km

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Chemical resistance
Fire retardant
EN 50266-2-4; EN 50266-2-5; EN 50305.9.1.2
Smoke density
EN/IEC 61034-2 & NFF 16101 & EN 45545-2
Operating temperature, range
-40 - 90 °C
Electro magnetic interference resistance



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