PFSP 500 V control cable


PFSP 4x0,75 mm²

Nexans ref. 10021969 - Country ref. 1060600

  • Packaging: Drum (1000m)
  • Approximate weight: 12.6 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 10.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 4
  • Resistance of the screen: 7.0 Ohm/km
  • Length: 1000 m

PFSP 8x0,75 mm²

Nexans ref. 10021970 - Country ref. 1060601

  • Packaging: Drum (1000m)
  • Approximate weight: 25.9 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 15.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 8
  • Resistance of the screen: 4.5 Ohm/km
  • Length: 1000 m

PFSP 12x0,75 mm²

Nexans ref. 10021971 - Country ref. 1060602

  • Packaging: Drum (999m)
  • Approximate weight: 28.3 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 16.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 12
  • Resistance of the screen: 4.5 Ohm/km
  • Length: 500 m

PFSP 20x0,75 mm²

Nexans ref. 10021972 - Country ref. 1060603

  • Packaging: Drum (999m)
  • Approximate weight: 42.6 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 20.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 20
  • Resistance of the screen: 4.5 Ohm/km
  • Length: 500 m

PFSP 28x0,75 mm²

Nexans ref. 10021973 - Country ref. 1060604

  • Packaging: Drum (3000m)
  • Approximate weight: 54.2 kg/100m
  • Nominal outer diameter: 21.0 mm
  • Number of cores: 28
  • Resistance of the screen: 3.0 Ohm/km
  • Length: 3000 m




  • International
    IEC 60332-1-2
  • National
    NEK HD 627-4B1

Screened control cable for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for installations where small cross sections and flexible conductors are needed. May be installed directly in ground.

Conductor twisting: The cable is assembled by four conductors twisted into quads. One quad consists of two pairs. The insulation is white with coloured numbers. The numbers are diagonally laid-up in the quad.
Quad assembled cores are specially suitable for electronic control installations due to small mutual influence between the different circuits.

Concentric conductor (screen): For 4x0.75 mm² type, braided copper wires, for other variants concentric copper wires.
Marking on the outer sheath: Metermarking, Cabletype, voltage, No. of conductors and cross section.
Min. installation temperature without extra precautions: 0 °C
If the cable is cut outdoor, any end(s) must be sealed if not connected/terminated. This to prevent water intrusion, and possible corrosion in the future.

The cable meets fire class Eca according to CPR

The cable is marked with LIFEMARK™.



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Sheath colour
Outer sheath
Concentric copper
Conductor flexibility
Flexible class 5
Conductor material
Bare annealed copper stranded
Core identification
Conductor shape
Lead free

Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Average insulation thickness
0.6 mm
Conductor cross-section
0.75 mm²

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Mutual capacitance
90 nF/km
Nominal resistance of the conductor
26.00 Ohm/km

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Max. conductor temperature in service
70 °C



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