Our plant in Halden


The plant

Postal address: PB 42, 1751 Halden
Visiting address: Knivsøvn.70, 1788 Halden
Plant manager: Anthony Ryan

Telephone: +47 69 17 33 00
Fax: +47 69 18 79 18

Sub marine power cable
 Power sea cable, Horns Rev project

Tower reflecting in water
View of the plant

Cable loaded on C/S Nexans Skagerrak
Loading cable on C/S Nexans Skagerrak

The lab
High voltage lab 

C/S Nexans Skagerrak
C/S Nexans Skagerrak

Tårnet under bygging
The tower under construction

Power sea cable, umbilicals,
HV XLPE cable and HV laboratorium

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