Launch LANmark-6 Slimflex UniBoot patch cords

LANmark-6 Slimflex cords now also available in unscreened version


After introducing LANmark-6A Slimflex cords end 2018, we have now added LANmark-6 Slimflex unscreened patch cords to our portfolio. These cords are significantly thinner and more flexible than standard LANmark-6 patch cords due to AWG28 stranded copper conductors and a 4.1 mm cable size.

They are designed to offer a reduced sized patching or work area solution, whilst fully supporting Gigabit Ethernet or any other Category 6 / Class E application. Compared with traditional Category 6 cordage, bundles made with LANmark-6 Slimflex cords are only half the size. This is particularly useful in high density patching areas in telecommunications rooms, where space-saving and ease of cord management are crucial.

The stranded wire design offers greater flexibility compared to solid wire equivalents. The combination of reduced size and increased flexibility makes the LANmark Slimflex UniBoot cords the ideal solution, both for easier cabinet and rack management, and for day-to-day use in the work area.

The cords feature a slim overmoulded boot with bend relief and a pre-fitted black latch protector, which can be replaced with a different colour. This is particularly useful for colour coding of different services or applications. LANmark-6 Slimflex cords have a White LSZH jacket and are available in 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m lengths. Part numbers and packaging sizes are as follows: