Launch straight panels with angled connector ports

Supports all LANmark snap-in connectors from Cat 5e to Cat 8


Nexans launches 2 modular 24 port LANmark patch panels suited for all snap-in connectors. Both panels combine the benefits of straight and angled panels.

Compared to its angled equivalents, these straight panels:

  • save space inside the cabinet
  • require no recessed mounting positions for the cabinet door to close
  • eliminate the need for patch guides



  • both panels come with a straight front shape
  • 1 panel has a cable support tray at the back (N521.681BK), the other not (N521.680BK)
  • 30° mounted twin ports allow for connectors to be placed at an angled position
  • 6 twin ports are oriented towards the left side, 6 others towards right side
  • connectors must be inserted horizontally (latch right or left) using keystone clips
  • 24 blue coloured keystone clips are included in each panel
  • additional cable ties are supplied for the panel with cable support (N5213681BK)