Launch LANmark-6A Slimflex cords for Data Centres

New slim and flexible 10G copper cord ideal for HD panels and switches

Slimflex Cat6A panel

Nexans has launched a new range of  slim and flexible copper patch cords: LANmark-6A Slimflex.

Intra- and Interrack patching in data centres require increasingly thinner cords to accommodate the high density of 48 port per Height Unit commonly used on Ethernet Switches. While AWG28 Cat 6 cords are popular for use with 1Gbps, Nexans has developed 10G patch cords using AWG30 wires. The result is a Cat 6A patch cord, with an outer diameter of only 4.5mm resulting in a space saving of 44% compared to standard LANmark-6A Ultim Cords.

The small diameter also contributes to a weight reduction and reduced bending radius, making Slimflex cords easy to position inside patch guides and cable routing pathways. It also avoids congestion and improves airflow inside data racks.

Slimflex cords come in white colour. Other colours (orange, blue and grey) are available on demand. Slimflex Cords use the UniBoot Plug with coloured latch protector support.

Slimflex cords installed in even bundles of 24  (one to the left, one to the right ) will easily fit into the 1U dimension of a switch or patch panel. In addition, patch cord routing can be organized in a neatly way in racks equipped with multiple high density devices.