Launch LANmark-OF Fibre Snap-In Panels

New generation of fibre sliding patch panels

NCS Snap-in Fibre patch panel 560

Nexans introduces a new generation of LANmark-OF Snap-In panels for installation in office and campus backbones as well as small data centres. This new generation has the same density, flexibility and scalability as the existing version, but offers additional features and benefits:  

  • Sliding tray with three different locking positions for better handling in all operation modes
  • Improved labeling facility with a labeling bar above the adaptors for customised identification
  • Larger splice trays with lifting functionality for easier installation and inspection
  • Same look and feel as LANmark copper patch panels
  • Available in black and white version

The panel is supplied empty ready to accommodate the preferred snap-in adaptors which can be purchased separately. They give a density of 12 DSC or 24 DLC connections. Various types of Snap-In adaptors can be installed in the same patch panel and on an as needed basis.  The panels facilitate multiple termination methods for fibre cables: termination with anaerobic connectors,  splicing with pigtails or installation of LANmark-OF Pre-Terms. With the enlarged splice tray a second ring of fibres can be organised inside the cassettes allowing all fibres of pigtails and cables to be contained inside the splice cassette.