Launch LANmark-OF Demarcation Boxes

Two new demarcation boxes to support FTTO applications


Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of two new products to support FTTO applications.

The new LANmark-OF Demarcation Box has been developed in response to repeated customer requests for a ZD box orientated 90˚ from the traditional ZD boxes allowing the duplex LC connections to be parallel to the extractable bundle cables.

The new boxes have the following features:

  • Left or right mounting options
  • 6 duplex LC adapters
  • Secure accommodation of splice cassettes (not included)
  • Lockable patching area with management ring
  • Port identification
  • Robust steel construction

The Demarcation Box is a robust yet lightweight, cost effective solution for the break-out and termination of extractable bundle cables in FTTO implementations. The box is symmetrical allowing mounting with the LC adaptors facing right or left and features a “hook and staple” locking feature which can be used with a padlock (not supplied), a wire tie seal or simply a plastic cable tie to prevent access to the patching area.

The Demarcation Box is packed in an environmentally friendly cardboard box and comes with a patch cord management ring and the screws necessary to fasten a splice cassette.

The new box is compatible with the standard Nexans splice cassettes (N890.095 - heat shrink or N890.096 – alu protect) and cover (N890.097) which can be ordered separately.