Relaunch of Slimflex patch cords

All cords will now use bend insensitive fibre


Nexans is pleased to announce several improvements to its fibre optic patch cord portfolio. The current patch cord range will be moved over to the Slimflex range. All cords will now use bend insensitive fibres and have improved End Face Geometry.
The Slimflex patch cords are targeted for installations in office buildings. They complement the high density ENSPACE patch cord range for data centres.
Improvements for the Slimflex range:

  • All patch cords will now use bend insensitive fibres for both singlemode and multimode. This reduces the bend radius of the cord to 10mm
  • The maximum insertion loss is reduced from 0.3dB to 0.25dB  
  • The minimum return loss for singlemode connections has been increased to 50dB. In line with industry standards these connections have now an “Ultra Physical Contact” finish, i.e. UPC grade
  • The boot length of duplex LC connectors has been reduced to 19mm
  • A traceability label will be on each cord.  The manufacturing test results are available on request.
  • In line with industry standards the connector colour for multimode has been changed from beige to aqua.

All these improvements have been achieved without the need to increase pricing.

The existing duplex patch cords will be phased out as stock is depleted.

The N-number of these new enhanced patch cords will start with N121.* instead of N123.* for the existing patch cords.