New Cabling Tenderbooks for Enterprise, Data Centres, FTTO & Harsh Environments

Updated modular tenderbooks for every environment

Nexans has released four new structured cabling tenderbooks for Enterprise, Data Centres, Fibre To The Office and Harsh Environments aimed to help designers in their response to project requests. Modern cabling installations use a wide variety and combination of products depending on specific needs. Therefore, we opted for a new approach to help users to quickly and easily build tenderbooks that match these unique project requirements.

Updated tenderbooks for Data Centres, Enterprise and FTTO
Each tenderbook consists of a single file containing all possible versions. All chapters and sub-chapters are formatted using the multi-level list feature of MS Word.
To quickly create a tenderbook you can simply delete the unrequired chapters and sub-chapters using the ‘outline view’ mode of MS word. The process is explained in a quick user guide provided together with each of the three tenderbooks.
Each tenderbook has been updated with the most recent products and accessories, generic descriptions, pictures, drawings and tables. For each product additional sub-chapters come with pictures, part numbers and descriptions. These details can be removed if unneeded.

New tenderbook for Harsh Environments
This tenderbook includes information about Nexans Industrial Ethernet switches, their accessories and services. It is dedicated for harsh environments and mission critical applications, such as IP video surveillance and security, transport, Smart Grid / Utilities, infrastructures, oil & gas and many other applications.