And the winner of the iPod Touch is...

Radovan Labsky lucky winner after participating in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Radovan Labsky

Nexans Cabling Solutions is pleased to announce that Mr. Radovan Labsky from the Czech installation company OPTICON.CZ is the lucky winner of the iPod 3G Touch 32GB. Mr. Labsky participated in Nexans annual Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted in August among hundreds of installers and distributors worldwide. Nexans would like to thank all of you who have completed the survey. The company will evaluate your comments in order to improve our service.


Nexans representative Petr Machacek met Radovan in Prague to hand over the Ipod in person. Although OPTICON.CZ is a young company, established in 2007, Mr. Labsky has had more than 20 years of experience working with network infrastructures. ‘My company offers a wide range of services going from consultancy, network project design to installation and testing. OPTICON.CZ also deals with IP camera systems and supervising, Radovan explains.
Radovan has worked with Nexans Cabling Solutions for over 13 years now. ‘I’ve been using your solutions already since 1996 when I was working for a big system integrator and Nexans was still Alcatel Cabling Systems, he says.
When Petr asked him about his experience with Nexans Cabling Solutions Radovan explained that Nexans’ shielded copper solution belongs to the best and most innovative on the market today. ‘Reason I chose Nexans is because your products offer high performance and are easy to install. Also the fact that your Category 7 and 7A GG45 connectors are backwards compatible with RJ45 is a plus’, Radovan adds.
OPTICON.CZ has installed Nexans cabling systems in many Czech sites amongst some major ones Radovan is proud to mention. ‘We installed your LANmark-7 solution in SAP’s Headquarter and offices and also more than 8000 nodes of LANmark-5 in the Technical University of Ostrava’.