White Paper: Jernbaneindustrien

Networks and Rolling Stock: Challenges and opportunities

RailwaysThis report is intended to give a general overview of the global Rolling Stock and Railway Network market, and provide information about how Nexans is serving this market.

It opens with a brief introduction which explains the positive and negative forces operating within the complex world of railroads which affect the railway supply industry; then focuses on some major challenges. It also draws up a comprehensive list of what the railroad supply industry expects from a cable supplier. The third section gives an overview of the expertise, global presence, performance and partnership resources that Nexans has at its disposal to serve the railway industry, and presents Nexans� overall product offer.

This report is followed by an Appendix containing a list of Nexans products, customer references, and success stories.


I. Introduction: an industry at a junction

II. challenger and customers expectation

III. Nexans: a global leader in the industry

IV. Appendix: 

a) Key Nexans products
b) Nexans customer references
c) Success stories

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