Webinar - Planning for the Bandwidth Boom

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Bandwidth Webinar Video

The original webinar took place 14th June 2011. Please watch the archive version.

NOTE : Viewers were invited to complete a short online survey after the webinar about their bandwidth expectations, the results of which are available by clicking the red block on the right.

"Traffic is expected to grow faster than Moore’s Law, with a 10-fold increase in the next 4 years, a 100-fold increase in the next 8 years” Deutsche Telecom

Independent data shows that bandwidth demand will escalate beyond 10Gigabit in data centres within 5 years so it is vital to plan a cost effective migration strategy when implementing cabling infrastructure.

Introduced by Mike Holmes, UK Marketing Manager, the webinar includes a repeat of the highly successful presentation given by Dr. Alan Flatman, LAN Technologies, from the recent Nexans Technology Network Seminar in London which examines some of the issues driving developments within IEEE.

Martin Rossbach, Director of Product Marketing, Nexans Cabling Solutions  follows by looking at potential options to consider when planning copper and fibre network infrastructures.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A session.  

About the Speakers

Alan FlatmanDr. Alan Flatman
Principal Consultant, LAN Technologies

Alan Flatman is an industry specialist in Cabling and LANs. He has over 30 years experience in the electronics and computer industries, and has advised on network technology and strategy since 1980. He represents the UK at both International & European cabling standards committees and is an active contributor to IEEE 802. For the last 15 years, he has also provided the essential link between cabling and network technology groups as their liaison officer.

Martin RossbachMartin Rossbach
Director of Product Marketing, Nexans Cabling Solutions

Martin Rossbach has worked for Nexans since 1998. In his position as Director of Product Marketing he has the global responsibility for defining and managing Nexans product development strategy for LAN systems. Martin is member of the international standardisation committee ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3, BEC.