Preparing the way for the 40 Gig revolution

Nexans has launched LANmark-7A, a revolutionary concept in copper cabling technology. This announcement follows closely behind the recent ratification of the international standard for Category 7A supporting frequencies up to 1000MHz and designed for 40 Gigabit applications.

LANmark-7A – Preparing for 40G

Nexans has developed LANmark-7A to meet the predicted demand for 40 Gigabit driven by “Video on Demand” services. LANmark-7A is a world first, high frequency solution, offering capacity of up to 50 Gigabit. It also supports RJ45 based legacy equipment (100BaseT, 1GbaseT, 10GBaseT) using the revolutionary GG45 connector introduced in 2003.

  • double the bandwidth and half the crosstalk of Cat 6A
  • future proofed for 40 Gigabit applications developed by IEEE802.3
  • fully backwards compatible
  • easy migration to 40G simply by changing patch cords
  • 360° screening for alien crosstalk immunity.

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