CLV Nexans Aurora

The next generation of cable installation vessels

Nexans Aurora encompasses more than a century of our experience in submarine cable installation and brings it to the next level with regards to capacity and capability

CLV Nexans Aurora 1

Large capacity

Nexans Aurora is equipped with a large capacity cable handling spread including a 10 000 tonnes split turntable with dual product lay lines with capacities and features to handle safely and efficiently the full Nexans submarine systems product line.

High capability

The vessel also contains a dedicated enclosed cable splicing area offering a controlled environment for performance of all product splicing and termination work to the exact standard as performed in our factories.

World leading design

The design is based on the combined experience of Nexans, Skipsteknisk, Ulstein Verft and MAATS Tech, each world leading in their own fields to produce a subsea cable and umbilical systems installation vessel for worldwide operations, covering the full range of shallow and deep subsea activities.

CLV Nexans Aurora 2

Prepared for the future

Nexans Aurora is prepared for vertical lay operations and complex subsea construction tasks in deep waters in addition to the principle built in structural and system capacities and flexible design features to allow easy adaptation to customer’s future needs.

Highest level of safety

Nexans Aurora offers the highest level of safety and redundancy in design and equipment level to ensure an unsurpassed operational standard and ensured uptime regardless of area of operation.

Self contained

possible. This includes capacity for long range and long duration operations without resupply as well as onboard facilities to ensure a high level of independence and reduced need for local support during operations in areas of minimal infrastructure.

Environmentally friendly

Nexans Aurora offers environmentally friendly solutions with a high efficiency diesel generator plant using low Sulphur fuel, regeneration of cable lay braking power and use of power from shore during cable loading operations. The vessel design offers inherent separation of work and living areas with the application of the highest work environment standards including exclusive use of single cabins.

CLV Nexans Aurora 3

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