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LAN Intelligent Infrastructure ManagementFor datasentre og bygg gir Nexans LANsense IIM bedre synlighet for LAN ved automatisk å tilordne, finne, rapportere og varsle om alle typer hendelser.

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Nexans Cabling Solutions - LANmark - et komplett system

LANsense is Nexans Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution. It is an internet enabled hardware and software package which can automatically discover and monitor network connectivity in real-time, to ensure network connections are secure and that connectivity documentation is always 100% accurate. LANsense is vendor independent and can be retro-fitted to existing systems.


  • Increased Security
  • Cost effective change control and management
  • Reduced downtime
  • Asset Management
  • Remote site monitoring
  • the ability to integrate, control, and manage building management services (Access Control, intruder systems, CCTV, HVAC etc)

Nexans work in partnership with iTRACS, the leaders in IIM software, and offer three levels of software:

  • LANsense 
  • LANsense Enterprise Edition
  • LANsense Data Centre Edition

These software...