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Number 3
Lokal node Lokalnett

Area Node Number 3

Splicing closures WTC1 & 2:
capacity up to 366 splices/18 fiber-optic cables. Suitable for single fiber management(FiberArtTM), mass splicing, or splitter integration for PON architecture. Fully mechanical watertight sealing system. Standard in-line configuration or mid-span access..
Re-accessibility, flexibility and reliability

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Splicing closures DCS 1, 2, 3:
capacity up to 576 splices /48 fiber-optic cables. Suitable for single fiber management(FiberArtTM), or mass splicing. Exists in 3 sizes. Fully mechanical or heat-shrink watertight sealing system. Standard dome straight splicing configuration or mid-span access.
High-density, re-accessibility and reliability

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Area Network

Underground installation

B-Lite MB fiber-optic micro cables:
for optimized blowingability in micro-ducts up to 24 fibers. Cable construction with aramid yarns as well as HDPE waterproof and low friction jacket for outdoor FTTx applications..
High flexibility and velocity for sinuous path

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Ribbon cables - see Urban Network:
High fiber density, excellent mechanical properties with costand time-saving splicing using ribbon technology

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Loose tube cable - see Urban Network
Traditional cable design

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Outdoor hybrid optical/electrical cables:
low pair count copper cables, CAT3 or CAT5, fitted with a single loose tube with singlemode fibers. MDPE sheath for outdoor use.
For high-speed Internet access and Triple Play while maintaining POTS service

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Aerial installation

Aerial distribution cables:
all-dielectric self-supporting cables based on circular and figure-8 designs with 4, 8 or 12 fibers. Available with factory assembled connectors for preterminated drop access.
Reduced OPEX for progressive deployment of home connections

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