Nexans and TeliSwitch Automatic Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) put a robot in charge of fiber optic cross connections

Innovative AODF enables remote optical switching and testing to reduce the risk of human error and cuts network downtime with the potential to achieve payback in less than 12 months

Paris, February 18, 2014 – Nexans and TeliSwitch have formed a partnership to promote the innovative suite of Automatic Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) solutions that offers the potential for FTTH operators to dramatically reduce their network reconfiguration and service times, especially for PoP (Point of Presence) installations in remote, hard to reach locations. This TeliSwitch unique patented AODF technology, which relies on a robot to make totally repeatable and reliable physical patch-cord connections around a specialized cylindrical geometry, can be deployed as part of a fully integrated turnkey solution utilizing the Nexans range of FTTH cables, connectors, patch-cords and splitters.

Nexans and TeliSwitch Automatic Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) put a robot in charge of fiber optic cross connectionsVisitors to Booth G06 at this month’s FTTH Council Europe will be able to see how the AODF has been designed from a blank sheet of paper to eliminate the problems associated with traditional Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) that require unrelenting attention to prevent the fiber routing spaghetti becoming unmanageable.

At the heart of the AODF is a robot that provides a secure and reliable cross connection at the first physical layer in the fiber-optic network – with the patch-cord connector always installed in the right socket. Remote operation eliminates routine site visits by engineers for network reconfiguration & equipment recovery, cutting service times and costs. Testing can also be carried out remotely during low-traffic periods, such as at night, and in case of network failure it allows for a shorter mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

The AODF is adapted to Point of Presence, concentration points or multi-operator sharing points (PMI) with different variants available for indoor and outdoor installations while another range of solutions scales higher for metro networks and data centers. The AODF solution is not only based on the hardware, it also covers the software for effective integration into the service provider’s workflow as well as offering the possibility for a complete rethink of network design and processes.

”The AODF solution offers in particular, enhanced reliability, reduced service times and costs. Thanks to the remote configuration, the payback period could be less than 12 months”, says Jean-Christophe Monatlik, Marketing and Development Manager, Nexans. ”We are already planning field trials with Stokab, the Swedish telecoms operator owned by the City of Stockholm and a provider of dark fibers”.

Further information about AODF is available in this short video presentation:

FTTH Council Europe
Stockholm, Sweden
February 18-20 2014
Booth G06

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