Subsea cable supplies power to Pemba

The project is being fully financed through NOK 350 million from the Norwegian state.

Oslo, 17 March. Nexans Norway has signed a contract with the Zanzibar authorities for the supply and installation of a 75 kilometre subsea cable to supply power to Pemba – the second largest island in the Zanzibar archipelago.

Good progress
Essentially, the project is being fully financed through NOK 350 million from the Norwegian state. Norplan is managing the project on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ZECO, the Zanzibar Electricity Corporation.

The project is progressing well and the plan is for the cable to start supplying electricity to Pemba from the mainland as early as Christmas 2009. There will also probably be sufficient cable to connect the 10,000 inhabitants of a small island North of Pemba to the power grid.

The new connection will replace three diesel generators and the Norwegian authorities are playing a major support role in the project which will assist in the economic and social development of Pemba through the provision of sustainable energy.

Comprehensive need for expertise and project management
The cable is being produced at Nexans’ factory in Halden and also includes optical fibre supplied by the Rognan factory. The 36kV PEX cable is to be manufactured with four joints per phase and will weigh more than 4300 tons.

When the manufacturing procedure is complete, the cable will be loaded onto the installation vessel, C/S Nexans Skagerrak and shipped to the Pemba Channel. The cable will run from Tanga on the Tanzanian side to Pemba and will be installed under challenging conditions. There are shallows on each side, and the cable needs to be floated out for four kilometres before the bottom falls away steeply and the cable can be guided down to a depth of 850 metres.

“We have a lot of experience from previous contracts under difficult conditions and we see our ability to deliver quality and to get the job done as critical for this project”, says Divisional Director of Nexans Norway, Krister Granlie.

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