Tips for a comfortable season at your cottage

Varmekabler hyttesesong produktside

1) Make sure the pipes doesn't freeze

Frozen water pipes and -tanks may crack and cause very extensive and costly damage. Remember that a water pipe with ambient temperature below 0°C sooner or later will freeze, no matter how well it is insulated. Drainage pipes can also freeze, with the inconveniences this may cause.

The only way to prevent water from freezing is to add energy in the form of heat. Heating cables installed outside of, or inside, pipes and tanks is a very inexpensive and safe way of doing this. In drainpipes which carry clean water / water from melted ice or snow only, a heating cable can be installed both inside of and on the outside of the pipe. On sewer pipes, the heating cable shall be installed on the outside of the pipe only.

Regardless of choice of cable type, the use of a thermal management system is recommended. Choose a thermostat with external sensor, which will ensure low power consumption and even temperature. In addition, and as an extra precaution, it is often advisable to install a sensor in direct contact with the heating cable, so as to prevent overheating. This requires that the thermal management system has a temperature limiting function.

2) Ensure snow and ice free gutters and downpipes

Heating cables are very suitable for ensuring snow and ice free gutters and downpipes. 

In cases of "warm" roofs, it may be necessary to install a heating cable on the roof surface, in the area above of the eaves, so as to prevent water for the melting snow to freezes again on its way to the gutter.

3) Ensure a good level of indoor comfort

Most floors are well suited for electric heating, and it is actually more energy efficient than most people think. Using an electronic, programmable thermostat, the floor temperature is constantly kept at the desired level at any given time, while energy consumption is minimized. Temperature regulation is easy, accurate and instantaneous.

Heating cables has low installation costs, are maintenance free and and have a very long life expectancy.