Expand the comfort zone!

We want to make our homes a good place to be. Inndoor air quality and high comfort is important to us.

Heating cables can be installed in several different rooms, not just bathrooms or hallways. It will provide a nice, comfortable temperature, and a good inndoor air quality.

Low energy consumption

With electric floor heating, it is possible to lower the temperature in the room with about 2 °C, compared to a room heated with e.g. panel oven, and still have the same comfort heating experience. By using smart control systems that regulates the temperature

after required need for heating, you get even less energy consumption. With an optimal position in the floor and good insulation under the heating cables, one can expect savings up to 10-15%, compared with using traditional panel ovens.

Low profile heating cables (where the heating cable is close to the floor surface) are easy to regulate, as it gets quickly heated up, and cooled down when switched off. With a modern thermostat the temperature can be precisely regulated 24 hours a day in relation to need.

More advantages
Electric underfloor heating is invisible and occupies no wall space. It produces no sound (rales in pipes, etc.), are maintenance free and have a very long life expectancy (50 years expected). Electric underfloor heating is simple, has low installation cost and is maintenance free.

Type of floor and limitations due to temperature determines which heating solutions you should choose. Nexans offers different type of heating solutions, both for new constructions and renovation projects.

National regulations, standards and requirements for installation must be followed.