Production start-up for cables to the world’s largest offshore windfarm - Hornsea 2

1.3 million - a number worth remembering. That’s the number of UK households to be supplied with renewable power when Hornsea 2, comes into operation. Nexans is proud supplier of the export cables. Last week everyone working in our manufacturing plant in Halden was invited to mark the production start- up.

Project team from Ørsted and Nexans at a Horn Sea 2 event in the Halden plant
Project team from Ørsted and Nexans at an event in the Halden plant.

Nexans in Halden contributes to writing history as we begin to produce the cables that will distribute the power from the world's largest wind farm to shore, in addition it will be the most affordable power produced by an offshore windfarm to date. 

It is the renewable energy company Ørsted that builds the Hornsea 2 wind farm, about nine miles off the coast of Yorkshire. When put into full operation in 2022, it will produce a full 1.4 GW, equivalent to the electricity needs of 1.3 million households. The project is an important contribution to the UK's targets for renewable electricity generation and to achieve their goals for energy security and carbon emissions reduction.

Facts about Hornsea 2 project:

  • Location: About nine miles from the coast of Yorkshire.
  • Capacity: 1.4 GW
  • Number of turbines: 165
  • Nexans' Delivery:
    • 214 km three phase 245 kV HVAC PEX export sea cables (3 parallel circuits) that will deliver the cheapest electricity from an offshore wind farm to date.
    • These cables will form part of the coastal part of the export circuit and connect the wind farm's transformer station with the onshore transformer station.

Great dimensions
The submarine cables that will provide the British with renewable power are far from what you can imagine of cables inside their house. With a cross-section of 25 cm and an average weight of 90 kg per meter, just over 11 meters corresponds to about 1 ton.