-Duplicated- Choose heating cables when renovating the house

Renovating the house raises the standard and value of your home. It is also the perfect time to install heating cables.

In renovation projects, the available building height is often a limiting factor. If possible, it is desirable to avoid having to carry out expensive and time-consuming jobs, like that of raising thresholds and adapting of doors. Nexans offers a variety of low profile heating cable products that are well suited for renovation.

Some of these can be mounted directly onto combustible surfaces, such as chipboard flooring, and then be covered by a thin layer of screed, or directly in tile adhesive. Others may be installed directly under parquet or laminate without the use of screed at all. If available building height permits, there are also traditional heating cables which are suitable for renovation projects.

Fast and easy temperature regulation
A floor with retrofitted floor heating is usually very quick and easy to regulate since the heating cables are located in the upper part of the floor construction. This gives great advantages with respect to temperature regulation and minimizing power consumption.

Heating cable or heating mat solution
Installation in a renovation project can be implemented using either traditional heating cable type TXLP, or the thinner mat solution MILLIMAT. Another alternative is the MILLICABLE® and MILLICLICK®. The latter system (8 mm building height) is intended for parquet or laminate flooring, and there is no need for use of screed.