Data Centre migration to 25G and 40G over copper

LANmark-8 is Nexans Category 8 copper cabling solution for data centres which supports both 25G & 40GBase-T.

The new generation of twisted pair cabling is designed to support growing data needs by enabling cost savings for BASE-T protocols compared to fibre or twinax solutions. So far BASE-T is limited to 10G but 25G and 40G will be available soon and will require new cabling better than Category 6A.

LANmark-8 is built around the GG45 connector interface, one of the standardised connectors intended to be used in the permanently installed cabling infrastructure. GG45 supports 2GHz and offers plenty of additional headroom above the application requirements. It is fully compliant with the Class I/II Cabling Standards and compatible with the RJ45 interface. As it runs in two modes, one for 10G today (RJ45) and a new high speed mode for 25G/40G, future switch upgrades can be accommodated very easily by simply exchanging patch cords.

While 40GBase-T is designed to support transmission distances of 30m, the additional headroom and reduced delay of LANmark-8 cabling will potentially support additional lengths of ~10% in the same way that existing LANmark-7A cabling will support 10GBase-T up to 120m.

LANmark-8 is ideal for data centres using 10Gbps server ports and can be installed in cost effective End or Middle of Row architectures to provide a two step migration path to 25 and 40GBase-T.

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