ENSPACE - High Density Fibre Solutions

Get ready for 10G, 40G, 100G...and beyond

Nexans ENSPACE is a fibre system specifically designed for high density and ultra high density data centre applications.

The new range of panels feature three individual sliding trays per ‘U’. This format supports 144 LC connections per ‘U’ and each individual tray can be pulled forward to allow access for installing or disconnecting cords.

ENSPACE supports both LC & MTP pre-terms providing scalability, whilst the pre-term cables feature Nexans tiny Micro-Bundle cable design which can contain 96 fibres in a cable with a diameter of just 6.4 mm to save containment space. Patch cords feature highly flexible, bend insensitive fibre to accommodate the high density patching.

  • 144 LC connections per 'U'
  • LC & MTP preterms supported
  • 10, 40, 100G and beyond
  • Fingertip access patching
  • Easy addition of ports

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